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    Every video you make is always something that people love. I'm glad this show exists

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    Hello your drawings are very good perfect congratulations Creators of "Penciomation" ❤️

    KUDO GAME15 أيام قبل

    I love how you guys make it funny in the video, it's really funny, it's so entertaining

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    I Love Pencilmation he's the best 🥰❤❤❤

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    I Love Pencilmation

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    The second one is so funny

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    Do "Safari, So Good..." | Pencilmation Cartoons! please? Here is a Synopsis of the episode Pencilmate and Tall Guy are on safari in Africa. Mini Pencilmate is there too, and is trying to ruin the trip. After monkeys steal their safari truck, Pencilmate and Tall Guy must devise several ways to try to escape from the African wilderness. Official Synopsis And here is a plot of the episode Plot Episode starts : The camera zooms to Pencilmate and Tall Guy who are on their safari jeep, Pencilmate is taking pictures of vultures where his camera spots a vulture infront of his camera the vulture pecks at it and tell it to put it in it's mouth and Pencilmate pokes Tall Guy where spots the vulture but it took the camera and begin to beat him up. Tall Guy grabs the the photos (Which shows Pencilmate getting beaten up by the vulture.) Tall Guy tries to fight it but the vulture beat him up before flying off with the camera in Tall Guy's mouth. Meanwhile, Mini Pencilmate is drinking juice and he spots a laughing hyena who laughes at tv show, Mini Pencilmate gets hungry, he thinks that the hyena will make a lot of meat. So Mini Pencilmate begins to devour the whole hyena which he use the bone as tooth pick (Possibly it could be the hyena's bone), he makes a hyena laughing and changes back to his normal laugh then continues. He bumps into a lion and it roars at him but Mini Pencilmate roars at it back which makes the lion pee on it's self and the lion runs away. Later at night, a group of chimpanzees get into their car Pencilmate heard the noises of the chimps, he gets out the tent and tries to tell the chimps to get out by the chimp said "this is chimps only" but the chimp push him out of their. Pencilmate almost cried when Tall Guy tries to them to give it back but the chimps end beating him up and the chimps took off with their jeep. The next day, Pencilmate and Tall Guy are walk through a jungle which he gets his blood suck up by mosquitoes. Pencilmate laughs for joy but Tall Guy grab a log and stuff inside Pencilmate and the camera as soo Pencilmate begins to take pictures of a crocodile. Then Mini Pencilmate comes along and roars at a snake so loudly that the snake's skin peels like a banana. Then he turns the snake into a lasso, and the snake bites Pencilmate's log. He takes the log off Pencilmate and the crocodile tries to eat him. The crocodile gets eaten by ANOTHER crocodile, and Pencilmate escapes but he falls down a waterfall as Mini Pencilmate mockingly takes a picture of him. Pencilmate is now drying his clothes on a branch. But Tall Guy come up with an idea to take a photo Rhinoceros, by planning Pencilmate and Jack will have to dress up as Rhinoceros take a photo Rhinoceros. Now start dressing up Rhinoceros to get attention and then walk away but Rhino following but but got jerked then walk, Rhino angry but Tall Guy told Pencilmate stop for the loss of the remains of the rhinoceros. Mini Pencilmate see elephant because it has meat then Mini Pencilmate bite nose elephant the elephant blow Mini Pencilmate out when he come back but elephant push back then Mini Pencilmate roar scared the elephant and run all group, he laughing. In the camp, Tall Guy remove Camera into face Pencilmate then I heard the sound of elephants running and break tent then elephant run into Pencilmate and Tall Guy, Mini Pencilmate laughing then Pencilmate, Tall Guy chase Mini Pencilmate then to the border bridge then Mini Pencilmate untied the rope and make Africa place in Americans. After that American turned into the place of Africa, and Pencilmate, Tall Guy became the zoo of animals, but banana throw into Pencilmate then Tall Guy eat banana. Episode ends. This episode is a reference to Safari, So Good... from Oggy and the Cockroaches

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    I love your videos

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    *I Love Pencilmation*

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    Good morning friends ! To those reading this: Wishing you all the success, success and good health

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    dragon ❤️

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    Your are a nice guy

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    Love pencilmation

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    I wait for your video. I really like the videos. A big fan of yours .❤❤

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    *Thumbnail:Pencilmation how did you know my age*

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    Answer: they spy on you (joke) Lol imagine

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    0:00 six feet hungry 😋🍗🍕🍟🥩🍔🧁🎂🍨🍰🍧🍡🍢🍦🥮foods

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    OMG IM EARLY! BTW I love your videos!💙

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    I found my childhood

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    Thumbnail:Pencilmation how did you know my age

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    I’m 13 too

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    Pencilmate became a magnet

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    2:41 pencilmate head hurt 😢 hungry 😋 no foods

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    I Love vídeo

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    This is the great pencile mation any one would ever have animations and other stuff what about u guys??

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    Nice Lol No Food In His Kitchen Hunger

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