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    Please continue this wonderful work. I love your videos. Good health and success 😍😍

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    Hahaha! Muito bom esse canal, de alguma forma me faz feliz 😉😆

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    @estela blox & gacha • há 20 anos atrás rhxhbfrbe erek

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    @Louibert Dupol q0

  • estela blox & gacha • há 20 anos atrás

    estela blox & gacha • há 20 anos atrás

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    @Louibert Dupol oxi

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    The effect is so beautiful. always over the top.

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    18:31 For the part called “ THE HOLY RAIL”, people can’t control the track switch inside the train. They have to get out of the locomotive and switch the tracks. Or the person who is driving the train are supposed to contact dispatch to align the rail switch. So yeah. You cant control the track switches from the inside of the locomotive. Plus, WHY is there a bell ringing sound at 18:49 ????? SECOND OF ALL, why is it that the girl LITERALLY COULD’VE UNTIED HERSELF WHEN SHE SAW THE TRAIN COMING. AGAIN, THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT WERE STUCK ON THE TRACKS, THEY COULD’VE DONE THE SAME THING THAT GIRL DID!!! People don’t understand trains these days. (Written, From a railroad engineer / driver.)

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    I just love it when the notification “You have a new subscriber” comes, it makes me very happy!!!

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    @Girabot ngl I can agree, true true...

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    @Abby Abby ratio

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    nobody asked, or cares. L + RATIO

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    parabens pela a sua animaçao

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    Awesom 😂.

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    10:46 Pencilmate becomes Pinocchio

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    Wow soo good 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    Wow good cartoon

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    is so funny 😂 video pencil macin

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    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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    Umbrella to make pencilmate fly with the wall is full of ocean water

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    Why is the flee drinking pencilmates brain juice....

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    1:07 Spongebob music

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    wow that is cul🤘

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    1:06 Krusty Krab music

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    My brain is so done with these thumbnails bro

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    Fr 😭 I watched this when I was little little and I’m becoming so concerned

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    I love you episode 😘 I daily seeing you videos laugh and enjoy all fo you ☺️😉

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    pobrecito esta muy desprevenido

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    Really good it's the best 🔥 📛 👨‍🚒 🚒 🧯 🎆 🔥 📛 👨‍🚒 🚒

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    Відос топ

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    The part in lawn and order is messed up

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    The bug is take a sip of Pencilmate of this thumbnail.🤣

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    This is only 35 minutes and it’s 5 am for me

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    I love your video ❤️

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    How long is it gonna take for this

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    @JO F I also agree with gamer

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    I agree with gamer

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    2 days

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  • Gary Grayson
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    It's 11:14

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    even the flee is thicc like mega thicc

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    O meu nome é Helena não sei se você quiser eu kkkkkkkk

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    Why is people waiting its gonna take about 2 days until its ready

  • Adelmarie Bonano: Summer Vacation!
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    And See - 0:00

  • yhoana mamani
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    Hola pecilmate las bocales son letras y no se ronpen porque te ba enseñar palabras en poco tiempo por que bos piensas que es comida pero nola es que tal practicas en un libro en un video y ya va poder entender eso

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    _Pirate FIGHT! Who Wins Mr. Pirate with a River

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    Tôi đến sớm, vì tôi thích câu chuyện này, vì nó khiến tôi thích thú mỗi khi tôi buồn và khiến tôi cảm động rất nhiều. Tôi yêu người tạo ra câu chuyện hoạt hình tuyệt vời này 💖💖🌺🌺

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    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    Endless fun with the letteR b boy happy

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    Wow! How you make animation?

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    hu wow

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    Pa shout out po pls video

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    it's taking to long

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    one time i saw the thumbnail it was mspencil as feet pencilmation as a hand like thats cringe like super cringe

  • Lea's Creative World - Animations and more!
    Lea's Creative World - Animations and more!2 أشهر قبل

    32:46 this is not for kids.

  • Lea's Creative World - Animations and more!

    Lea's Creative World - Animations and more!

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    @Mohammed Alkhaja only what?

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    Only kmlm k.

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    Same here but why it's always lag this I think is new

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    AReye Is Drunk

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    l need brain juice bro 's

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    Someone who had accidentally found this channel and now addicted to this channel

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    *parabens pela a sua animaçao*

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    Pencilmate Is Dead

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    Oh no

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    I need brain juice

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    Okay here🧠🧃

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    Y no lo mandó vos tenlo XD

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    like a flee even drinkin this much i would die even kids are not supost to wath this its cringe

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    אני דתיה אני לא יכולה לכלל שבת ! תיתחשבו גם בדתיים !!!!!!

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    I think Pencilmate will be in Smash Bros., right?

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    nice flea ya got there 😳..

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    Why cancellations pencil doesn't like pencilmation

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    BTW look like juice brain is dead not end no more brain is gone now

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    Pero muy pronto ba bay nos vemos otro dia eso es para vos y tu dos amigos recordame mandar comentarios

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    Hola o mejor dicho hello

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    How long

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    Im the 65 comment

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    the ant is so big🤣😏😳

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    Why pencilmation thumbnails are cringe: look at the thumbnail

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    Adoro e muito legal

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    Stront pop Lul pop