Pencilmation Compilation: Little Blue Man + Harry Potter & Cop

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    You have a good idea about what we are going back in the UK to make a better chance for me to be able for my own but I have to wait

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    @Юрий Шамайко jhhhjj

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    Checked out is so funny

  • Nicholas T. (Numberblock 27)

    Nicholas T. (Numberblock 27)

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    I just heard the cop say this: Cop: "I'm gonna get that criminal! He won't get away from me!"

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    2:45 way too funny lol

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    8:55 if you listen closely, you can hear ouch

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    I heard that

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    6:08 code (13 / 44)

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    Jaja 6: 52

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    Me encataron tus animaciones nuevo sub

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    4:35 I like trains.

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    4:58 dat face be like: hehe i ate all his candies lolol

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    0:20 He looks the Grey Men in here

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    0:57 he is going to find his dick

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    Poor Little Blue Man, he just wanted a soda.

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    0:54 adult joke

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    Sí Pencimation

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    10:22 EWQqweqwe:QWEQWEQWeqw.W..

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    jajajajajna xD

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    Thank you pencilmation your vids make me happy and laugh evry time i watch your vids

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    8:55 ouch

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    You make such cute lil animations! thank you

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    Ay quiero ese binero🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

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    Amo vcs pencilmatiom

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    0:43 when I heard someone likes Lisa gaming roblox, the emoji movie or 6ix9ine

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    1:56 is that the number 1???

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    5:48 the original pencilmation is so dum

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    4:48 бля бля бля, ему тоже скучно

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    Alguien q escriba y hable español

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    Í de la pantalla del desempeño Pero te pregunto que cuáles son los materiales que no te había llamado estaba en latarde queme y tu casa.

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    Hihihi This is Spg

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    9:06 code (34 / 77)

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    que. foda sw

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    Wow that was very funny! Your animations are always so great! Thanks! I look every Tuesday and Friday and always something new! Love it! THANKS AReye FRIEND!

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    Mehamolauriany prazer você são muito incra dados Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkķkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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    This part is so funny 0:10

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    i love watching harry potter

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    love robloх Harry Poter and Bee swarm simulator and Adopt me

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    Стварно цоол видео пуно посла💪

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    Pencilmation ❤️

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    damn i missed those

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    qualé sõ tem jente ingles aqui

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    The Harry Potter is so sad when he almost died and my dad did died

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    How you do the animations move

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  • Sammy Flor
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    this is so cool... you know? i like ur video so much :3

  • Sammy Flor
    Sammy Flor4 سنوات قبل

    this is so cool... you know? i like ur video so much :3

  • Sammy Flor
    Sammy Flor4 سنوات قبل

    this is so cool... you know? i like ur video so much :3

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    4:03 Bad Ending

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    My favorite one is lord of the fris

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    0:08 hmmm 0:10 HERE!

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    10:29 are they doing what I think they're doing? having *dolphin* ?

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    6 ads now that's what I call ad revenue

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    Muito legais os desenhos de pencilmation

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    Aww how a Adoorable animation :)

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    Awesome! awesome! awesome!

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    I have a one guastion? You did a animation with flipaclip

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    10:28 what the heck!?!?! her legs are long

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    00:01 CHECKED OUT

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    2019 2019 2019

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    lol i ❤this

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    the shopping one is so relatable

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    My sister and me just love 💕 Harry Potter

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    The First One Was Very Funny Keep It Up Bro!

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    Driving with closed eyes

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    when they were at the hose the had it hard to so hard

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    5:49 COP OUT #37

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    Jaja 😀😂😂